Monday, March 19, 2007


Last year, Julie and I had a fantastic time playing for a weekend with Her Majesty's Hounds at the Virginia Renaissance Faire.
This year, we auditioned for places on the cast (auditions! memorization! public singing! scary!). And as you might imagine, since I'm writing this, we got invited to join the cast for the 2007 season. Best of all, we get to be part of the Guild of St. Hubert, which is to say, the previously linked greyhound adoption group. We are, shall we say, excited. We're playing two of the royal houndmaster's sisters-in-law, actual historical characters.

The picture above is of my charge book, which is a little book of useful information each new member is compiling. I wanted to do a little bit of embroidery to dress it up a bit. It's nothing fancy, just cotton embroidery floss on pale green linen. The HMH is in chain stitch. The dog is filled with a sort of staggered split stitch. The border is a chain stitch that then has been threaded through with the green. The dog is definitely supposed to be a greyhound, but I'm thinking it ended up looking a bit like Lucy. Oops.
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Julebug said...

Truly awesome!!! You are SO gonna win the prize for most creative. And perhaps the prize where I steal your chargebook, as well! I love the border stitch you used!

Racaire said...

What a lovely idea!!!
Cool!! :D

Auntie Tina said...

I think that Lucy is from greyhound desent, and if not then she is sweet enough to be. I just love the book. You are so creative, have fun this summer,
Love Aunt Tina

Allessia said...

I just love it, I want to steal the idea OK!! My Tycho is just glaring at me right now, and he won't wear a hat no matter how much I beg. And congrats to you and Julie!! You are both so talented, I am envious

Onyria said...

you do some impressive work!
I wish I could do those things :)